People don't like getting their hands dirty. Rubbish disposal has always been left to society's lower ranks, with an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude from people who are not directly involved. Today, however, both the increase in the amount and the complexity of waste produced are threatening human health and the environment as never before. The composition of waste has altered, the most dramatic change being the number of chemicals we dump. Chemicals in the form of pills, pesticide or paint, oil are an essential part of our lives. The disposal of waste from these chemicals has increased the problems in the way we treat rubbish, forcing us to face what we would rather throw away. Pollution of water, air, and soil is widespread. Lead in the air affects our brains. Heavy metals in the soil are taken up by plants and passed on to us when we eat them. The environment is severely affected as well. Trees are dying from acid rain. Rivers run black with pollution. Mysterious green waste from petrochemical factories, spoil fields where children play and in-turn makes it look for bad and unattractive.

The increase in complexity of waste has caught disposal authorities by surprise and today's dangerous waste is showing up the shortcomings of the disposal systems.

Dumping waste straight into the sea is especially popular with island nations. The world treats the seas around it as a personal garbage can, emptying most of its Oil Field Waste there and allowing industries to dump their waste into the ocean waters which could be detrimental to the human life.

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